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Friday, April 20, 2012

comparison between/comparaison entre "AMD E-300" and "pentium B960", low price laptop, pc portable de faible prix

Since 2012 jan, laptop low price (300-400$) = choice between :

  1. "AMD E-300" with chipset radeon  HD 6310  
  2. Intel "pentium B960" with chipset Intel graphics HD
    (intel  i3 with a  chipset Intel graphics HD 3000 ; better but  +40$)

For the last 2 or 3 years the focus has of the competition has shifted not only in the processor but also, how tightly you can integrate components external to the processors. There are some inherent advantages of the Integrated Graphics – including lower power consumption and availability of higher memory bandwidth.

- In performance, the Intel Pentium B960 is much better, especially in the CPU area.
- The AMD E-300 is however, a low power ( 18 Watts TDP), low cost processor that has decent integrated graphics.
- If you are looking for entry level processor with good graphics that will give you good batter life and will fit in thin notebooks, the E-300 is for you. For better CPU performance B960 is better.
Choisir des pc portables à 350-400 euros  = un choix entre deux systèmes:
"AMD E-300" avec son chipset radeon  HD 6310
Intel "pentium B960" avec son chipset Intel graphics HD
(choisir un processeur i3 car il a un  chipset Intel graphics HD 3000 à 40euros de plus)

chez Dell