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Friday, June 13, 2008

u3D acrobat PRo extended

for full 3D objects or contents in a pdf:  Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.

The new format u3d that can be used in pdf files for interactive explanations.

For example, anyone know how to output a file in Adobe 3D format from Matlab?
That would be a REALLY powerful way to demonstrate Matlab results
in the pdf of your papers - it could even include animations.

Now one way to do something nice is to save your graphs in .wrml and then transform them into .u3d
with Acrobat 3D or Right Hemisphere (on which Acrobat 3D is based but which has much more capabilities).


I found a very interesting solution for exporting 3D-Plots.
Look at this webpage and download "Saveobjmesh.m"

Try to build a 3D plot and save this plot to 'parab.obj'.
x=u; y=v; z=u.^2+v.^2;

Now you are able to import this obj file to Adobe Acrobat 3D
Toolkit (30 days demo available). You can save this file as
an U3D file, name it "matlabplot.u3d".

Go to your favourite latex editor.
Create a file named "views.vws" containing only one line:

[frontview]{-0.000000193670558701 -0.000000028775016148
36}{0.7103724479675293 0.7032560706138611

Now create a new latex file and copy and paste these lines:

\section*{my first 3d plot from matlab in \LaTeX}
\includemovie[autoplay, toolbar,

\movieref[3Dgetview]{3dplot}{Get View!}

If you want to add another view of your plot, zoom and
rotate to the view and click on the "Get view!" text. Copy
this line into the "views.vws" files. The first line ist the
starting view.

Only works with new versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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