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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Matlab .m Unstructured Mesh Generation (Mesh2d v2.3)

Unstructured Mesh Generation (Mesh2d v2.3)
MESH2D is a toolbox for the generation and manipulation of unstructured triangular meshes in MATLAB. High quality meshes can be generated automatically for user defined geometries.

These meshes are suitable for subsequent FEM or FVM analysis.

MESH2D will automatically adapt the element size to ensure that the geometry is adequately resolved, allowing very complex geometries to be meshed with no additional user input. User defined size functions are also available, allowing the user to control mesh resolution if desired.

MESH2D is based on an iterative continuous smoothing method, and generally results in very high quality meshes with no small angles and smooth element size variations.


MESH2D v2.3 allows connected polygons to be meshed, with a compatible mesh generated along internal boundaries. MESH 2D v2.3 should also produce meshes with a higher mean element quality in most cases.

- MESH2D can produce large scale meshes, with meshes incorporating over 500,000 elements produced based on satellite coastline data.

- MESH2D allows fully user defined size functions, giving the user full control over mesh resolution if desired. A template for boundary layer regions is also included.

- MESH2D includes functions for uniform and non-uniform mesh refinement, allowing existing meshes to be refined without costly re-triangulation.

- MESH2D includes functions to assemble the connectivity information necessary for FE or FV methods.

Tested on MATLAB 6.5, 7.0, R2006b and R2007a.


Please use the following functions to launch MESH2D demos:

- meshdemo();
- mesh_collection(n);
- facedemo(n);

MESH2D is (always!) under development, so any problems or suggestions are welcome via email.

MESH2D is distributed under the GNU GPL.


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