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Friday, July 11, 2008

V-Realm Builder supports all 54 VRML97 types AND matlab

V-Realm Builder 2.0  buid28 is inside the VR toolbox but you must  install with the matlab editor (command).

V-Realm Builder 2 is a flexible, graphically oriented tool for 3-D editing and is available for Windows operating systems only. It is a native VRML authoring tool that provides a convenient interface to the VRML syntax. Its primary file format is VRML. Its graphical interface (GUI) offers not only the graphical representation of a 3-D scene and tools for interactive creation of graphical elements, but also a hierarchical tree-style view (tree viewer) of all the elements present in the virtual world.

These structure elements are called nodes. V-Realm Builder lists the nodes and their properties according to their respective VRML node types, and it supports all 54 VRML97 types. For each type of node there is a specific tool for convenient modification of the node parameters. You can access node properties in two ways:
  • Using dialog boxes accessible from the tree viewer
  • Directly, using a pointing device

In many cases, it is easier to use the tree viewer to access nodes because it can be difficult to select a specific object in a 3-D scene. The tree view also lets you easily change the nesting levels of certain nodes to modify the virtual world according to your ideas. In the tree viewer, you can give the nodes unique names -- a feature necessary for working with Virtual Reality Toolbox.

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