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Thursday, August 25, 2011

comparison of maps servers and their APIs (google maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, Map Quest, Maps Nokia; Open Street Map); API references and examples (sample codes)

With these maps/routes/directions servers, you have 4 services:
1) online view/manipulate your map/directions (and print)
2) "save" with an URL
3) "save" with an iframe
4) "save" with an HTML+javascript code (or other "languages" flash, silverlight, javaME...)
Maps servers (with route, directions (also with walking directions, multiple directions)):
A)-Google Maps, API, see another post (more than 300examples).
my example URL: google maps

Google Earth, see also (need earth plugin):
(These samples are a companion to the official KML Documentation:

B)-Bing Maps, API: was one of the first provider of mapping and location-based services. It was acquired by Microsoft and merged into Bing Maps in 2010.
examples inside the reference.
my example URL: bing maps

quite good services for route ediiting
but bad saving functions, in fact only iframe (you cannot see your route in your site) 

C)-MapQuest, API:
example (well documented) organized in 14 domains
my example URL:mapquest

many saving functions.
you cannot see your route in your site (in fact only iframe)

D)-MapsNokia, API:
Try these 24 examples:
(by right click, you can trace a route very easily, but not save code...)
my example URL: ovi

right click is quite good (many options)


-Yahoo Maps; API,
( service closed on September 13, 2011 and Yahoo suggests using maps from Nokia)
Yahoo: no direct right click!
When you create a waypoint, it is difficult to drag it!
save (only URL) : 1)send by email, or 2) Yahoo! favoris or 3)Delicious

-OpenStreetMap (Creative Commons licenses),

Only France:
API (v1.0: March 2010):
With geoportail, you can only save some waypoints (no route).

Only Tyrol :;lookat=1240037

---------------a comparison of some functions:


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