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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

phone android; very low price with Screen 4.3inches: ZTE skate, SFR STARADDICT, ZTE montecarlo orange

ZTE Corporation:

ZTE skate, sim-less phone price: 226€ (cdiscount).

The ZTE Skate offers a tweaked UI, with custom widgets and apps and, surprisingly, it's quite intuitive and pleasing to use.
The ZTE Skate does pack a pretty decent 5-megapixel camera, which also offers autofocus, LED flash and geo-tagging.


SFR STARADDICT: sim-less phone 209.9€ (SFR la Carte)
The ZTE Skate comes with a bit more tech, in the shape of a 4.3-inch TFT touchscreen that operates at a resolution of 480x800, displays 16 million colours and offers an impressive pixel density of 217ppi.
android 2.3.4; 126 x 68 x 11; 140g; 512MB; 5MPix;  GPS; MP3 / Radio FM; 800MHz
 (ARM11 based product)
with a "carré mini 1h" 17€/month ( 24months contract) : STARADDICT=79.9€
With multipack: -7€/month then 10€/month At the end 24months*24months=240€ (with chatel's law: 150€).
With Auchan, 30€ immediate rebate then 49.9€.

in french:

ZTE monte-carlo orange:

Less responsive is the performance of the Monte Carlo itself. This comes down to a combination of factors. The first is the processor with ZTE having opted for an 800MHZ Qualcomm MSM7227. The company had previously spoken of shipping the handset with a 1GHz clock speed, but rather than megahertz holding it back, it is the fact the MSM7227 is a generation behind the breakthrough Snapdragon chipset - which means it doesn't perform as an 800MHz-equipped handset should.

The best way to speed up the Monte Carlo is to root it with a clean install of Android 2.3, but for the less technically minded the easiest solution is to download the LauncherPro app ( which replaces the Orange homescreen with a cleaner and less resource-intensive alternative. Not rooting the handset also means you get to keep two genuinely useful Orange features: HD Voice compatibility ( and Kineto Signal Boost (; Kineto automatically uses any available Wi-Fi connection to boost signal strength).

Interestingly ZTE hasn't ruled out boosting the Monte Carlo processor to 1GHz at a later date through firmware, but it isn't an idea we're completely enthused about for one reason: battery life. Android smartphones have notoriously poor stamina and the Skate with its 1400mAh battery is no exception. This is because while its processor isn’t the fastest it also isn’t as efficient as newer chips, and the large screen, HSDPA, WiFi and GPS remain as unforgiving as usual. As such we struggled to get a full day out of the Monte Carlo - managing around 14 hours when subjected to light use and under 8 hours when used more intensively. It is a handset that you will want to keep near a charger. Happily ZTE has stuck with the increasingly universal micro USB ( so tracking one down at any moment shouldn't prove difficult. 
There are other nasty surprises too. The Monte Carlo is equipped with just 162MB of accessible internal memory. This is easily boosted via the microSD card slot (8GB, 16GB and 32GB card).


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