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Saturday, October 22, 2011

some special google charts; Interactive charts;Organizational Chart; use the spreadsheet as a data base; google docs;time-series
just do it:

Interactive charts
use interactive charts AND use the spreadsheet as a data base (if you change any of the data relevant to this chart in your spreadsheet, the chart will update automatically. You don't need to repeat the steps above to edit this chart).

Organizational Chart
An organizational chart that supports selection.
List all group members in one column of your spreadsheet, and their hierarchical or higher-level relationship in the next column. If you want a tooltip to appear when you point your mouse to each node, you can enter this text in a third column.

rem: ex-ample
Cogmap is the Wikipedia of organization charts. We are an organization chart wiki! This means that it is a collection of organization charts online that anyone can edit, add to, and help maintain.
Infographics (QR code, math equations/formulas, balloons)

interactive, zoomable charts of time series.
The dygraphs JavaScript library produces interactive, zoomable charts of time series.

Some of the features of dygraphs:
  • Plots time series without using an external server or Flash
  • Works in Internet Explorer (using excanvas)
  • Lightweight (69kb) and responsive
  • Displays values on mouseover, making interaction easily discoverable
  • Supports error bands around data series
  • Interactive zoom
  • Displays Annotations on the chart
  • Adjustable averaging period
  • Can intelligently chart fractions
  • Customizable click-through actions
  • Compatible with the Google Visualization API
  • Intelligent defaults make it easy to use

Motion charts

web search resuls in spreadsheet
The Web Search gadget allows you to search the Web and display results for specified values.



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