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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Machine translation and human translation; Translation service; integration with microsoft word and google docs; French<->English

Three online services (machine translation):

These tools are only for computer-assisted-translation.
Use these three services and compare!

See also this comparison of machine translation applications:

---------------word and google docs

Most of users don’t find Google Docs much useful with Microsoft Office (Word 2010 PC and Word 2011 mac) installed in their Computers for creating, editing Word document with multilingual translation/dictionnary services, but  Google Docs lets you translate PDF files (and lets you save translated copy of PDF to your Computer). Google Translator translates up to 8 pages in a document only.

Microsoft has released a translation bookmarklet which allows single-click translation of any website in your own browser (DATA@ nov 2011).
It is estimated that 125 million native French speakers and 200 million second language French speakers live around the world.

The more people that speak a commonly used language such as French, the greater the demand for services related to that language becomes. The need for good-quality French translation will also continue to rise.

----------------online human translation:

myGengo translation is all done by humans. The one exception is that developers can access machine translation via the API as a free service, however this is explicitly described as such.

We use computer-assisted-translation (CAT) tools to speed up translation and ensure consistency, but the translation is done by a real person.



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