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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

citeulike a web service for managing and discovering scholarly references

citeulike is a free service for managing and discovering scholarly references
  • Easily store references you find online
  • Discover new articles and resources
  • Automated article recommendations
  • Share references with your peers
  • Find out who's reading what you're reading
  • Store and search your PDFs

  • You can enter the URL of an article in the "Post URL" page which you can find within the "My CiteULike" menu.
  • However, you will probably find it more convenient to use one of our browser buttons which will let you post articles to CiteULike with a single click
  • You can also copy articles from other users' libraries into your own. Try searching for an article using the 'Search' link at the top right-hand corner of this page. Click on an article of interest, then choose [Copy] to add that article to your own library.
  • Import to My library. Pick a BibTeX or RIS file. Pretty much any BibTeX file should be fine. We should be able to cope with macros, comments, and most of the other strange things people put in their BibTeX files. Pretty much any RIS file should be OK too.

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