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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alphabetical list of 3D data formats

Alphabetical list of 3D API specifications and data formats
3D2 Stereo CAD-3D object format
3DML Flatland 3DML language
3D-Studio File Format
3D Studio Max Ascii Export Format
3D Studio Ascii Format
ALC Alchemy III molecule file format
AL2 Alchemy 2000 molecule file format
BMF BMF by David Farrell, exported from 3dStudio by "view3ds'.
CDF Cyberspace Description Format
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile (ISO/IEC standardfor vector graphics)
cinema4d Cinema4d file format from "Maxon Computer"
COB Calgari trueSpace2 File Format
DAE Sony / Khronos Collada
cube Gaussian cube file format for volumetric data
DF3 Povray DF3 density (volumetric) format
Direct-X Microsofts answer to QuickDraw3D and OpenGL
DMO Duke Nukem 3D or Redneck Rampage
DWF Format used by AutoDesks attempt at an internet format for it's models, used by the WHIP viewer.
Release 14
Release 12
Release 10
DXF, AutoDesk/AutoCAD interchange format in the various format versions that have appeared over the years.
Minimal 3D DXF The minimal requirements to represent 3D geometry in DXF, useful for creating geometry for commercial packages from your own software.
EGDR MOLA Experiment Gridded Data Record
FACT From ElectricImage
FBX Autodesk FBX
FFIVW File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds
fld AVS Field format.
FLT OpenFlight format by MulitGen Inc
GEO Videoscape geo an early Amiga 3D animation program written by Allen Hastings.
Geom Geom format as used by "Stereo", an OpenGL interactive stereo pair package.
GLF 3D font format for the GLF library
GOCAD GOCAD ascii data format
HIV HyperChem molecular format
HPGL Hewlett Packard Graphics Language for platters
hf Hyperfun: Language for F-rep Geometric Modelling
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification by the National Bureau of Standards
ILDA International Laser Display Association
Infini3D Infini3D internal format
Inventor Inventor ASCII format from SGI
IRIT IRIT interchange format by Gershon Elber
Lightwave 5.x
LightWave Object File format
Importing geometry into Lightwave 5.x
MDL From Cornell University and Indiana University
MGF Materials and Geometry format originally appearing as part of the Radiance package. By Greg Ward, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.
MI Mental Images, as used by Mental Ray, SoftImage, and others
MOL2 Tripos mol2 molecule format
MovieBYU Format from Birmingham Young University to represent polygons, originally designed for FORTRAN file IO.
MS3D MilkShape 3D format
MSLD Manchester Scene Description Language
MTL Lightwave / OBJ material file
NDO NENDO by Izware
nff For Eric Haines' SPD package
nff Neutral ASCII File Format
enff Extensions to Neutral File Format
NUAGES Format for the NUAGES software, a tool for 3D reconstruction from parallel cross-sections
OBJ Wavefront .obj file format specification for the Advanced Visualizer software.
OFF OFF format as used by the Geometry Center
OFF OFF format specification originally developed by WSE.
OOGL As used by GeomView
PEDR MOLA Precision Experiment Data Records from NASA
PDB (V2.1) Protein Data Base (Atomic Coordinate File)
PHD PolyHedra Database (NetLib)
PI Format for the polyray raytracer by Alexander Enzmann
PLG, FIG, WLD Virtual World formats as used in Gossamer, Rend386, and others.
PLY Polygon File Format also known as the Stanford Triangle Format.
Poly Another Polygon Format from the University of Iowa, Image Analysis Facility
PS Introduction to Postscript
POVRAY (v3.6) Scene format for the Persistence Of Vision RAYtracer (and derivatves).
PVL Processed VoLume (and other RAW formats) as used by the Drishti volume rendering software.
Macperspective Translator for this undocumented format.
PowerFlip Data format (SGI)
PRT PRT raytracer format by Kory Hamzeh
PRT Unigraphics "parts" file format.
q3o Quick3D Object File and Scene file format (.q3s)
Primitive summary
Apple's Quickdraw 3D meta format
radio Radio format by Anthony D'Agostino
RAD V3.1
RAD V2.5
ArchiCAD -> Radiance
StrataStudio -> Radiance
Radiance scene description by Greg Ward.

ArchiCAD to Radiance converter
StrataStudio to Radiance converter
RAW PovRay raw triangle format
RAY summary
RayShade scene description format, a solid modelling by Craig Kolb.
RIB Pixar RenderMan scene description (RenderMan Interface Bytestream)
Rotater Macintosh interactive line and point viewer by Craig Kloeden.
rsd Playstation
SAT ACIS 3D format for viewing and transferring solid information
SCENE A proposed format for 3D geometry
SCN SCeNe format designed to replace SFF for the Rtrace ray-tracer.
Spatial Data Modelling Language
SHP ERSI Shapefile
SLC SLiCe format
STL Industry standard format for stereoLithography.
STP SteinLib format
STEP Standard for exchange of product model
Super3D Text export format used by the Macintosh modeller Super3D.
SURF Export format from 3D-XplorMath
Tachyon Preliminary scene format for tachyon by John E. Stone
FORM TDDD By Impulse's Turbo Silver for Sense8's WorldToolKit Neutral File Format specification
tet Format for tetrahedra, originating at the Computer Science department of Williams College.
TIN Triangular Irregular Network
TM LONI triangle surface model format to represent surface models.
TP TecPlot file format
TRI Triangle format
U3D Universal 3D
V VIVID file format by Stephen Coy
VEF Vertex - Edge - Face format
Vision3D Text format for the Macintosh Vision3D modeller
VLA Digistar II VLA format
vmd VMD - WinOSi (XOSi, MacOSi) raytacer by Michael Granz.
vol Paul Bourke volumetric data format
VRI Virtual Reality Interchange Language
WLD Morfit's WorldBuilder format
WRM World Reference Model by Multigen Inc.
The Virtual Reality Modelling Language
WMF Windows Metafile Format
x3d WEB3D consortium
XYZ XYZ molecular format
YASRT YASRT - Yet Another Simple Ray Tracer
YAODL SGI PowerFlip format

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