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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Useful HTML5/CSS3 Snippets For Web Developers: flips, canvas, menu (current top menu of the website)

Useful HTML5/CSS3 Snippets For Web Developers | Splashnology:

(4windows: HTML-CSS-javascript-result)

(all flips)
(Playing with canvas and javascript, this is a ball that follows the mouse with resistance)
(Draws circles on the canvas)
(Using css3 transitions , text shadow with transparent color will create a bluring and unbluring text affect)

(A simple fluid horizontal navigation using the CSS3 Flexible Box model)

(This menu is a clone of the current top menu of the website (without the animations/effects etc. of the search navigation). Dive into the source code of this page to find out how it's created.)

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