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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Comparison of Google Maps, Google Maps API, and Google Earth

Google Earth (and google earth API, google earth plug-in) in red

Google Maps and My MapsGoogle Maps API
What kind of tool is this?Web Mapping ServiceMapping APIVirtual Globe
What types of projects is this tool suited for?Driving directions, basic maps, and maps with unchanging content and minimal interactivityInteractive maps with lots of specialized, customized location data, especially when that data changes frequently.Virtual tours and educational mapping applications with lots of multimedia and interactive elements.
How hard is this for the developer?EasyIntermediate to difficult, depending on the projectDepends on the project
What skills will you or your consultant need?Basic computer skills.Javascript skills or Flash skills.To create a medium-sized Google Earth project that’s fairly static and unchanging, you need to know the Google Earth application very well, but you don’t need programming skills. For a large project or one that changes a lot, you probably want to use the Google Earth API, which requires knowledge of Javascript and XML.
How customizable and feature-rich is the toolset?LowHighly customizable with a lot of features and functionalityHighly customizable with many features and a lot of functionality.
How intuitive is this for the end user?EasyDepends on the implementation, but usually fairly easy to understand if the interface and documentation were crafted carefully.Depends on the project implementation to some extent. The software itself is intuitive, but to use some advanced features users may need to read the online help files and tutorials.
How interactive is this tool for the end user?Low interactivity.Depends on the project.High interactivity.


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