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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

embed KML; Google Earth & Maps, some gadgets, tools, freeware; file import and export; and tutorials

Create Maps with Google Earth & Maps Tutorials:

Very good code playground; you have 3 windows:
  • top-left: the manager of the code "pick an API"
  • top-right: edit code
  • bottom: output,_earth

Other Tools from Google:

Third-Party Tools:

  • shp2kml
    Free tool for creating ESRI shapefiles to KML
  • Superoverlay
    Tool for creating regionated image tiles
  • Arc2Earth
    Advanced software for importing/exporting GIS data to/from Google Earth
  • CamStudio
    Free software for creating screen-capture movies
  • GPS Babel
    Free software for converting GPS data to/from Google Earth.
  • Google Earth Photo Tag
    Free software for easily using geo-tagged photos in Google Earth.

all tutorials:

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