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Monday, October 31, 2011

How to generate a list of bibliographic references for Wikipedia?

There are two approaches to generate a list of bibliographic references for Wikipedia:
1) Zotero:
2) (from Google Books).

How to:

A) with Zotero or reftag, save direclty to the wikipedia format.

B) and after go to wikipedia 
B-1) for book(s), use "template:Cite book"
B-1) use citation templates

C) your biblio is OK and with zotero or other similar web services, users can save this list (COinS are generated by wikipedia in your page).

SEE this ex-ample:

-------References about the wikipedia file format

en français:

Zotero's Quick Copy feature makes it trivial to export Zotero items to Wikipedia. The configuration panel for Quick Copy is found by clicking the gear icon in the Zotero toolbar, choosing Preferences, then selecting the Export tab. If Wikipedia Citation Templates is set as the default output format, you can copy properly formatted templates for selected items to the clipboard by using the keyboard shortcut set in the Shortcut Keys preference pane or by dragging and dropping items directly into a text area on Wikipedia.

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