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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Replay TV, Catchup TV and Video on demand; Télévision de rattrapage;Download videos from Flash-based video hosting sites. The best choice is TVO and TVRR to get e.g. 20 french national TV. Line command:get-flash-videos

Replay TV, Catchup TV, Video on demand and Comparison of video services
Les Web services des télévisions de rattrapage et les téléchargeurs de la télévision de rattrapage

Download videos from various Flash-based video hosting sites (streaming), without having to use the Flash player. Handy for saving videos for watching offline.
Télécharger les video (souvent en flash) à partir des plateformes des TV sans avoir le Flash Player installé sur votre navigateur. Le plus important est de pouvoir les sauver sur son disque dur ou sur un site qui gère vos fichiers personnels afin de pouvoir les voir sans accès internet.

Replay TV, Catch-up TV:
Télévision de rattrapage:
France: 18000videos/month around 6000hours/month
En France on a une offre (DATA@oct 2011) de 18 000 vidéos/mois soit de l'ordre de 6000 heures/mois.

The best method is 1) select a Web service with the complete list (if you want to know video hosting services and a comparison of web service, go to the end of this post), 2)  download localized or special softwares in order to get the best user interface with all the details of the complete list of your national TV.

1) Find the "best" web service to know all the  replayTV programs of your country.
In France: (only in french)
There are more than 24 national TV with replayTV service (DATA@nov 2011).

2) To get all the french TV with notes and EPG services, i select 3 PC windows freewares (
For MAC users,
This software is not a Catch-up TV Downloader but a streaming VCR "videocassette recorder".
Soft pour voir les émissions en streaming, mais CocoaJT permet également d'enregistrer les flux RM et WM comme un magnétoscope numérique. Open source:,fstream
MacTubes is YouTube video player and downloader.
Supported downloading WebM, Original(4k2k) format video

EyeTV products lets you watch, record, edit, timeshift and archive TV on your Mac with solutions for analog and digital television (with USB tuner; IP, freebox). It provides a user interface to the various TV Tuners from Elgato and some licensees. Not free...

With these desktop softwares, you can select and download video.
En matière de logiciel pour télécharger les programmes  replayTV, TVO est la référence (le plus complet). TVO sait à la fois télécharger les chaines replay, c'est lui qui offre le plus grand catalogue mais il sait aussi télécharger les chaines de TV disponible via l'adsl (accès à la webTV SFR) et avec un proxy intègre pour contourner la géolocalisation.

The best freeware to see your video files is VLC player:

Rem. for SFR webTV:
    Download VLC (version SFR):

If you have no info available  on the video platform and youc can see this video with flash payer then you need some tools:

---------- One example to download podcasts and videos from French websites. It uses plugins to enlarge software possibilities.
TVDownloader est un projet qui a pour but de permettre le téléchargement de podcasts et d'émissions librement disponibles sur Internet. On retrouvera, en autre, les podcasts de grands groupes radio comme Radio France ou télévisuel comme France Télévision.

----------One example with line command (open source)

Supports Linux, Windows and OS X.
Includes support for the following sites/players (and more!):
  •     YouTube, eHow, Brightcove (used by many sites like Channel 4, Daily Telegraph ...), BBC (news, etc), Metacafe, 5min, Google, fliqz, nicovideo, vimeo, Blip, Break, Collegehumor, Muzu, Sevenload, Megavideo,
  •     Also includes a 'generic' method which works on many other sites.

OSX: Run the following commands in a terminal, this installs it in your home directory.

 curl -o get_flash_videos
 chmod a+x get_flash_videos
Then, to download something:
 ./get_flash_videos url..
See UsageExamples for more.
Note you may also need to install the Perl modules XML::Simple and Data::AMF for support for some sites.

----------------Overview of Platforms


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