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Saturday, November 12, 2011

blogger, google maps, geoblogs: a "gadget" that maps your posts; BlurbBits

Right now users of Blogger  can geotag their posts.
We need a gadget that maps our posts. 

Here a solution without the "add location" function.

See for a dynamic geoblog map example, interactive maps are also available through menu selection at the top. 

I have not developed a standard XML gadget YET and you've been copied on the many reasons that I think that generating a blog based interactive sidebar map gadget is a REALLY bad idea. My mapping
solutions can be seen in the blog link mentioned above ( both interactive blog navigation maps (could be a sidebar gadget link) and the geoblog dynamic maps (both sidebar "Geoblogs on this page" gadget maps and popup versions).

BlurbBits (an introduction)

Sharing your travel adventures can be a time consuming experience. Writing updates, journals, editing/organizing and selecting photos/videos, adding captions, mapping locations, tracking your travels and then formatting them all for a website, blog or email can sometimes become overwhelming. We've been Sailing for 5 years and have over 25,000 photos, 30,000 miles of GPS tracks, blogs, websites and videos, so we understand the need/importance of easy to use methods for sharing your travel adventures.

BlurbBits is a FREE set of utilities designed to help ease the entire process, while providing easy to share viewing/mapping options even while you are disconnected from the internet (95% of our Sailing Blog posts were emailed). We are trying to revolutionize self published Travel Blogs, Sailing Blogs, and Photo blogs by using existing best in class functionality (Blogger, Google Maps, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube etc).
Spend your time sharing the moments, not formatting them.

BlurbBits can be added to a website, blog post or sidebar and emailed or linked into existing sites and social networks to optimize your sharing options.

To see BlurbBits in action visit To learn more check outBlurbBits basics, our getting started overview or if you are already familiar with Blogger, the geoblogging process, if you can send an email.. you can blog and map!! Update: the easiest way to get started with Blogger is to add the Dynamic GeoBlog gadget and addLat/lng text to the Blog posts you want to map, we'll take care of the rest. Check out our utilties and other examples.

If you use Blogger you may already know about the Mail-To-Blogger interface. We write 95% of our blogs this way. We use a lat/lng string to define our location and can even send a small (250x250) photo if the email utility supports attachments (this gives people an update, a location map and optional photo).


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