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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Secrets of the Google Geo APIs: a google presentation (59 slides)

JavaScript Google Maps API is optimized for both desktop and mobile browsers


Desktop                          Mobile
Internet Explorer 7+ Android
Firefox 3+                 Safari (iOS)
Safari 4+                         Blackberry 6
Chrome                         Dolfin 2+

45° imagery with OverviewMapControl

Marker animations, n°14
Layers, n°16
GeoRSS  KML  Traffic  Bicycling  Panoramio

Draggable directions, N°18

Street View: Overlays, N°21

Libraries: AdSense, N°27
How to add ads on a map!

Earth API, N°31

Fusion Tables, N°35
FusionTablesLayer in v3 (toggle between HeatMap and other views)

Earth elevation at points or along a path, N°41

Route optimization, N°44

Bicycling directions

SSL for everyone, N°48
Anyone can send SSL-protected web service requests

Static Maps API, N°50
Map image without interactivity

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