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Friday, October 9, 2009

ImageJ plugin for navigation in very large images

Francis Géroudet Semester Project
Microengineering section, EPFL June 2008


In the biomedical field, specialists need to work on series of images taken under a microscope, covering an area interesting to analyze. The purpose of this project was, starting from a lot of images forming a mosaic, to build an intuitive navigation system, which could maintain the quality of basic images. We developed two plug-in for images: the first helps to prepare images, while the second deals with the navigation in the mosaic of images. The overall strategy used here was to cut basic images into small blocks at different zoom levels. Then, when displaying, the second plug- in is able to retrieve the blocks corresponding to the area considered by the user. Note that zooms are made using B-Splines.
Fig. 1: User interface for the plug- in preparation
Fig. 2: User interface for the navigation in the mosaic
Fig. 3: Example of use plugin navigation

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