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Friday, October 9, 2009 web-based, platform-independent, multi-user interface for managing scientific literature & citations


refbase can import and export references in various formats (including BibTeX, Endnote, RIS, PubMed, ISI Web of Science, CSA Illumina, RefWorks, MODS XML, OpenOffice, and MS Word). It can make formatted lists of citations in HTML, RTF, PDF, or LaTeX, and offers powerful searching, and RSS support. Its OpenSearch and SRU/W web services, and support for unAPI & COinS metadata allow for easy access by clients and search engines. Please see our Feature highlights page for a more detailed description of features. An overview of the major feature additions in refbase-0.9.5 is given here.


You can download the stable release version of refbase from the SourceForge download page. Please see the instructions on how to install or update refbase. The latest source code can be checked out and installed from the refbase Subversion repository.

refbase 0.9.5 README

About refbase
refbase is a web-based solution for managing scientific literature,
references and citations.

Currently, the following features have been implemented for:
- search the database using different search forms
- search within results
- browse found records and sort results by any database field
- view results in different views (list view, citations, details,
print view)
- display results in different citation styles & output formats
- export selected records to XML (Atom, MODS, OAI_DC, ODF) and (via
the GPLed Bibutils programs) to ADS, BibTeX, EndNote, ISI, RIS and
Word XML
- display rich text (i.e., italics, super/sub-script, greek letters)
- extract citations from a text & build an appropriate reference list
- track additions via RSS and generate custom RSS feeds from searches
- web services (SRU & OpenSearch) that allow clients to access a
refbase database using a standard query syntax and retrieve results
in structured XML format
- dissemination of bibliographic data via standard methods (COinS &
unAPI) allowing clients to automatically discover and extract data
from refbase
- search a refbase online database from the command line and retrieve
results in various export & citation formats
- user-specific fields which are stored individually for each user
- import of records from common bibliographic formats and online
databases via the web interface or the command line
- automatic email announcements for newly added records
- save and recall search queries
- adding records to user-specific groups
- add/edit/delete records as well as file upload & download links
- user management interface provided to the database admin
- set access permissions on a per-user basis

More information is given at:


refbase requires:
- a web server (like the Apache HTTP Server <>)
- PHP <> (version 4.4.0 or greater) with enabled
session support & installed PHP MySQL module
- MySQL <> (version 4.1.x or greater required for
Unicode support)

- for import and export of various formats (e.g., Endnote & BibTeX):
Bibutils <>
(version 3.21 or greater)

More detailed information is available at:

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