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Friday, June 24, 2011

Best video format for Blogger upload? Add a Video in a Blog.

"insert image" button creates an upload and at the end a link to 1, 2,3 or but "insert video" is more complex.
I think that "insert video" of your blogger editor is not good at all, but bellow, i explain some tips.

With this awful "insert video", and after your upload from your hard-disk, your video file 1) is processed and 2) needs a player.
Your video is transformed, hosted on youtube (, and embed in your blog (in order to use the adobe flash player and this player must be installed).

Many Video file formats are available for your video: AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real, Windows Media.
I think that H264 video format with 320X240 is a good compromise for a blog
(if you don't know H264 codec, see:

If your video is lower than 320X240, it will be transformed to 320X240pixels video with very bad effects:

If you upload a 320X240 file, then:

If you click (right on PC or ctrl on mac) on your video post then you get this menu:

Select "show video info"
("take speed test" gives many data on your connection).

I published an analysis of the HTML code of the video blogger widget:


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