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Friday, June 24, 2011

Don't use the "insert video" of the blogger editor! Publish on youtube first; error Blog ID

                                                                         (résumé en français à la fin)
Add video to your blog is easy with the "insert video" button of the blogger editor  is not interoperable.

You should never upload your video by using default offer inside blogger Blog. 

There are 2 ways to add video to your blogger blogspot.
  1. upload from your hard-disk to youtube (or dailymotion...) and add/share a YOUTUBE Video in your post. This first solution is better and interoperable.
  2. with the "insert video" of the blogger video editor and upload from your hard-disk 
Don't use this second solution and this is my analysis:

Videos uploaded through Blogger are hosted in sub-domains of  (@ june 2011) with processing/embed/playerFlash with youtube. The blogger videos are kept private and will are not included in Google Video search (
If you want to publish at several sites and blogs, first publish your video in YouTube or DailyMotion...
And after, you must embed your YouTube Video.

There are two styles of embed codes that are available for YouTube videos
  1. To embed a video from YouTube in blogger, just copy the code from the "Embed" box on the video's YouTube page (2 ways). You can find the "Embed" box in the "About This Video" box when you're watching the video. You can also get the code from the "Embed HTML" box on the "Edit Video" page if the video belongs to your YouTube account.
  2. To embed a YouTube video within a blog post, first click "Edit HTML" from within the post editor. Next, paste the video's code into the body of your post. That's it!
If you post YouTube videos to your blog regularly, sharing directly from YouTube is even easier and you'll only have to set it up once:
  1. Click the "Share" button on the YouTube video's page
  2. Scroll down and click "Setup your blog for video posting."
  3. Click "Add a Blog/Site"
  4. Choose "Blogger" as your Blog Service and fill in your Google Account login information.
  5. Choose which blogs you'd like to add to your YouTube account. You can choose more than one.
  6. From now on, when you click "Share", you'll be given the option to post YouTube videos directly to your blogs!
In mid June 2011, Google decided to end the dichotomy of Google Video versus YouTube, and concentrate their video hosting for Blogger blogs with YouTube:

Sometimes an error occurs:
"Sorry, there was an error uploading your video. Please contact support and include the following information:
Blog Id:123456
Video Id: 123456789

It is clear  don't use the blogger editor "insert video"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pour publier des video sur son blogspot:
il y a 3 methodes:
 1) dans l'éditeur de post/billet de blogger en cliquant sur l'icone "insertion video"
     C'est une très mauvaise méthode: ce billet
                                                       (je sais c'est en anglais mais ca reste lisible)
2) dans youtube (ou autre comme dailyMotion),
il y a 2 methodes:
    2-a) encapsuler (embed) classique
    2-b) encapsulé avec une "iframe" (HTML5)-->meilleur méthode

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