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Thursday, June 30, 2011

List of ALL Samples for Google App Engine-after "hello"- a wiki? openIdprovider, closure-compiler..

About Samples for Google App Engine

List of deployed "ex-ample services":

Based on cccwiki :
  1. (Tiny Wiki is basically cccwiki running on Google App Engine with an Ajax editor front-end from the YUI library)
    Tiny Wiki has currently the following features:
    Rich Text Editing
    Wiki-fied links
    Easiest operation, just two buttons, nothing extra to learn
    Clean "Google" style 

---------single local HTML file with JavaScript inside - like tiddlywiki
    This plugin typesets math using jsMath, which is an implementation of the TeX math rules and typesetting in javascript, for your browser. In addition to this plugin, you must also install jsMath on the same server as your TiddlyWiki html file. If you're using TiddlyWiki without a web server, then the jsMath directory must be placed in the same location as the TiddlyWiki html file.
  2. and
    a small multi-lingual wiki page

-----------------------------------------not a wiki project:

trunk/openid-provider: An OpenID provider. Allows Google users to log into OpenID consumer sites using their Google Account. Deployed at a converter:
Wikipedia wikitext into HTML format.
Wikipedia wikitext into plain text format.
HTML snippets into Wikipedia wikitext format.
HTML snippets into Google Code wikitext format.
programming sources into syntax highlighted HTML text.

wiki GAE samples:

Sample Listing:

calendarerbrowse source
cccwikidownloadbrowse source
django_exampledownloadbrowse source
gdata_feedfetcherbrowse source
geochatdownloadbrowse source
guestbookdownloadbrowse source
image_sharingbrowse source
indexed-cached-zipservebrowse source
images_demobrowse source
muvmuvdownloadbrowse source
myhangoutsdownloadbrowse source
openid-consumerdownloadbrowse source
openid-providerdownloadbrowse source
overheardbrowse source
secret_valentinedownloadbrowse source
shelldownloadbrowse source
simpleajaxchatdownloadbrowse source
tasksdownloadbrowse source
voterlatorbrowse source

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