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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Change the default width of Blogger posts

The visualizations from Google Fusion Tables are wider than the default width of Blogger. To prevent Blogger from cutting them off on the right, change the default width of Blogger posts.

  1. Go into the "Layout" tab
  2. Click "Edit HTML" 
  3. Download a copy of your current template just for back-up. 
  4. Find the editable text box. 
  5. Scroll through the content until you see "Outer Wrapper"
  6. Under "#outer-wrapper" change "width: 660px" to "width: 1000px"
  7. Under "#main-wrapper" change "width: 410px" to "width: 750px"
  8. Tip: if the numbers aren't precisely 660px and 410px to start with, don't worry.
  9. Click "Save Template" and view your blog post again.

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