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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GPS implants: small RFID implant and a nearby GPS receiver.

NaviGadget -- GPS Navigation Systems, GPS Tracking Devices, GPS Phones, Receivers, Reviews, and Hacks:

An article is kind of stating the obvious – at least for us – saying that GPS implants, the size of a grain of rice is not technologically feasible considering our current state with batteries mostly.

This Mexican security company claim they made 178 rescues using a small RFID implant that goes under your skin and it relays a signal to a nearby GPS receiver. If the GPS and the RFID implant get separated the company claims they can pinpoint person of interest.

This sounds a lot like science fiction however since RFIDs do not have a power source of their own and can not transmit signals. An RFID reader can only pick up their existence from at most a couple of hundred meters provided the person is still near the last location of the GPS tracking device.

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