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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wikiloc: GPS trails and waypoints of the World; google maps and google earth
France: only 13000 trails (DATA@sept 2011)
World map (zoom at scale of France): only 3!

see also:
and search with the label "trail".

Many search options:

 Mountain biking
 Trail running
 Bicycle touring
 Back country skiing
 Trail bike
 Kayaking - Canoeing
 Cross country skiing
 Alpine skiing
 Horseback riding
 Dog sledging
 Rock climbing
 inline skating
 Hang gliding
 Ice climbing
 kite skiing

2) Any trail
One-Way trails
Loop trails

3) Any length
0mi - 5mi
5mi - 10mi
10mi - 25mi
25mi - 50mi
50mi - 100mi
100mi +

4) Any difficulty
Very difficult
Experts only

5) Any device
Smartphone (iPhone, Android..)
Drawn on a map

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