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Monday, July 18, 2011

ALL services of Google's API (from APIs Console) and APIs Labs
select in Developer Resources: APIs console.
--->17 APIs (Data@july 2011):
  1. Audit API
  2.  Books API
  3.  Buzz API
  4.  Custom Search API
  5.  Diacritize API
  6.  Google Storage
  7.  Identity Toolkit API
  8.  Latitude API
  9.  Moderator API
  10.  Page Speed Online API
  11.  Places API
  12.  Prediction API
  13.  Search API for Shopping
  14.  Site Verification API
  15.  Tasks API
  16.  Translate API
  17.  URL Shortener API
There are other Google Products (APIs) in Labs.
List of all available APIs:


7 new APIs:
Discovery Service
Tasks API
Books API
Pagespeed Online API
Places API (now generally available)-->see below
Prediction API (now generally available)-->see below

Fusion Tables API: Make beautiful interactive maps even faster with new additions to the Fusion Tables API
Google Fusion Tables lets you store, share, query and visualize data tables. It offers a REST API to run SQL-like queries to manage tables (create, delete), manage data rows (insert/update/delete), and query the table for all rows that match spatial or data conditions. The results of queries can be a .CSV or used in the Google Maps API or Google Chart Tools.


2011: These APIs are now deprecated but have no scheduled shutdown date: Code Search API, Diacritize API, Feedburner APIs, Finance API, Power Meter API, Sidewiki API, Wave API
These APIs will be shut down as per their deprecation policies: Blog Search API, Books Data API and Books JavaScript API (not the new API), Image Search API, News Search API, Patent Search API, Safe Browsing API (v1 only), Translate API, Transliterate API, Video Search API, Virtual Keyboard API

BUZZ API: Google Buzz provides developers with a powerful set of API endpoints for searching, reading, and updating post content and metadata.
Google Storage
Google Storage for Developers is a RESTful service for storing and accessing your data on Google's infrastructure. The service combines the performance and scalability of Google's cloud with advanced security and sharing capabilities. Highlights include:
Fast, scalable, highly available object store
  • All data replicated to multiple data centers
  • Read-your-writes data consistency
  • Objects can be terabytes in size, with resumable uploads and downloads, and range-GET support
  • Domain-scoped bucket namespace
Easy, flexible, authentication and sharing
  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  • Authenticated downloads from a web browser
  • Individual-, project-, and group-level access controls
In addition, Google Storage for Developers offers a web-based interface ( for managing your storage, an open source command line tool and library, and advanced features like resumable uploads and international storage functionality. 

Free Trial Usage:
Important: Google Storage for Developers requires billing information for all accounts before you can start using the service. 
Google Storage offers a free trial quota until December 31, 2011. This quota is only applicable to your first project that uses Google Storage and gives you free usage of resources within that project, up to:
  • 5 GB of storage
  • 25 GB of download data (20 GB to Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa; 5 GB to Asia-Pacific)
  • 25 GB of upload data (20 GB to Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa; 5 GB to Asia-Pacific)
  • 25,000 GET, HEAD requests
  • 2,500 PUT, POST, LIST* requests
The free quota will be reflected on your invoice at the end of the billing period. All usage above the trial quota will be charged at our standard rates below.

The Google Identity Toolkit API lets you use open standards to verify a user's identity.

Google Identity Toolkit (GITkit) helps relying parties (RP) websites to support federated login easily. It provides several components to simplify the work required for RPs.
GITkit API and Service handles the details of the federated login protocols between RP and Identity Providers(IDP).
JavaScript Widgets for login and account signup can be embedded into your web pages easily.
GITkit Client libraries communicates with Google Identity Toolkit using GITkit API, and drives the UI flow of the JavaScript widgets. It can be integrated with your front end by some simple configuration and coding.
The Google Latitude API lets websites and programs integrate with Google Latitude, enabling users to update and read their current location, their location history.
The Prediction API enables you to make smart applications that respond to all the streams of data that flood through your apps by providing quick and easy access to Google's powerful machine learning algorithms.
  • Recommendation systems (demo code)
  • Customer sentiment analysis (demo code)
  • Language identification
The Google Site Verification API lets applications automate the process of managing ownership records for websites and domains.
The Google Tasks API lets you manage your tasks and task lists.
The Google Translate API lets websites and programs integrate with Google Translate programatically.
It's a deprecated version of the Google Translate API. Google will no longer support the API as of Dec 1, 2011.

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