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Monday, July 18, 2011

A small WYSIWYG (HTML+MathML+SVG) editor; standalone or a Firefox Addon

A small WYSIWYG (HTML+MathML+SVG) editor using XUL framework that works either as a standalone or as a Firefox Addon

Download MuLTiFlow software for free at

"Simple ID/HREF-based microformat for non-local intra-document links for rendering graphical abstracts"

MuLTiFlow is a simple replacement for many word-processors with in-built maths and graphics capabilities that are bloat-wares built on archaic frameworks. However, unlike traditional word-processors MuLTiFlow has XML-nesting capabilities also, so it can also be used as a WYSIWYG XML editor.
The XUL framework also allows it to used both as a browser as well as an editor giving it even more capabiltities than a traditional word-processors, e.g., multimedia and interactions with the web.

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