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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The rich text/equation editor of google knol; Knol abandoned?

Knol is in fact an abandoned project like wave,google health  (and orkut?):

Google Knol aims to include user-written articles (and authors can include ads from Google's AdSense to their pages). It's a content management.
It was opened to the public on July 2008, 3 years ago.
Knol is not wikipedia-like: it's not a wiki.
All contributions are licensed by default under the Creative Commons.
Knol is more like (; alexa 67 (data@july 2011) or (alexa 127 (data@july 2011)) than Wikipedia.
It 's also not an equivalent of (alexa 206 (data@july 2011)) which corresponds to the classic encyclopedia format (see also other internet archive projetcs:
Knol has an anarchy model:

Knol interface supports 8 languages, but you can write knols in any language.
The analysis of trends of "knol" in research engine : India 1st; Languages: Dutch-english-arabic.

Knol en français:

Comparison of text/HTML/equation editor :

There: are many "import"
The interface is clear:

 The equation editor is an interface of google charts/formulas API

A brief analysis of the knol rich text editor:

The menu is still at the same place 

it is very useful if your post is very long (not the case for blogger)

The menu of the knol editor:

Save (first item (left))

Format (5nd item): far better 

(H2, H3 and H4 levels) system is very useful with the automatic outline function of knol.

Links  (11nd item)

the same function/design of blogger
Insert (12nd item): GOOD

  1. image (blogger is better with an upload of many files)
    the management of the position of the image is the same
  2. Equation (i hope this service will be in blogger)
  3. Special character  (i hope this service will be in blogger)
  4. Calendar  " " (insert google calendar with many options)
  5. documents (you can select google docs, spreadsheet..., map, calendar, folders)
  6. picasa web slideshow
  7. presentation
  8. spreadsheet
  9. spreadsheet form
  10. (google video: old!)
  11. You tube
  12. Google gadget (by URL or list of categories)

insert table

numbered list (same of blogger)


bullet list (same of blogger)


decrease ident  (i hope this basic service will be in blogger)


increase ident  (i hope this basic service will be in blogger)



insert a reference (i hope this basic service will be in blogger)





the Knol rich text editor is better than the blogger editor and google docs editor.


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