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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can I use keyboard shortcuts while posting? Blogger, GMail

Can I use keyboard shortcuts while posting?
"Blogger has several keyboard shortcuts you can use while editing posts. They definitely work in Internet Explorer 5.5+/Windows and the Mozilla family (1.6+ and Firefox 0.9+), and might work in other browsers. Here they are:

control + b = Bold
control + i = Italic
control + l = Blockquote (when in HTML-mode only)
control + z = Undo
control + y = Redo
control + shift + a = Link
control + shift + p = Preview
control + d = Save as Draft
control + p = Publish Post
control + s = Autosave and keep editing"

To turn these case-sensitive shortcuts on or off, click Settings, and then pick an option next to Keyboard shortcuts. You can also enable shortcuts automatically by going to

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