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Friday, July 25, 2008

matlab .m mouse brain section , granulometry spectrum

BrainMaps Analyze is a powerful tool for applying image analysis routines to high reso.

performing granulometry analysis on this image. The top left image is a thumbnail of the mouse brain section. The top right image shows the average (over tiles) granulometry spectrum, showing prominent peaks for different sized cells. The bottom left image contains a plot of cell size (x axis) vs tile number (y axis). The bottom right image is a plot of cell sizes, starting from radius equal to 1 pixel in the upper left, and incrementing by one in left to right, until it reaches radius of 36 pixels in the bottom right image. Note that the original image is over 22,000 pixels wide, and that the computation of granulometry was done on a per-image-tile basis, where each image tile is 256x256 pixels.

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