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Friday, July 25, 2008

matlab .m Stereoview plots two stereoscopical images of any 3D plot.

STEREOVIEW Stereoscopic plotting function

stereoview grabs the current 3D figure and plots it in two stereoscopical images.

Once launched, you can:
1) Choose the interocular distance coefficient (idc) that is defined as the ratio between the distance from the Camera Target and the interocular distance; a value of 30 works fine.

2) Choose the viewing mode: 'parallel' or 'crossed'.

3) Rotate the view. In the Free Rotation mode, use:
a, s, d, w to rotate, x to stop.

4) Start a continuous rotation of the view; x to stop.

5) Print the two stereoscopical views in separate images. You can change the options for the saved images directly in the .m file at lines 163 and 169.

Version 4.0 NEWS
- stop of the continuous rotation with "x"
- can print the two images

Version 5.0 NEWS
- can change the distance between the two views to allow easier visualization
- can change zoom
- vertical axis bending bug fixed

(c) 2006 Iari-Gabriel Marino

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