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Monday, July 21, 2008

FREE VRML Viewer and matlab

FREE VRML Viewer and matlab, virtual reality toolbox:


The examples can be viewed also directly using standard VRML 97 browser plug-ins by clicking the corresponding "View virtual scene" links.

see some examples that were created using Virtual Reality Toolbox, a tool that lets you view and interact with dynamic system simulations           in a 3-D virtual reality environment. All of the behavioral dynamics of the examples are being driven by MATLAB® and Simulink® developed by             The MathWorks, Inc. that allow effective creating dynamic models of real systems physics.

Solar System

This model represents the dynamics of inner Solar System (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth + Moon, Mars). For visualization purposes, the relative planet sizes to their distances and the distance between Moon and Earth were adjusted. Otherwise, the model is a good approximation of Solar system dynamics.

View virtual scene
Download zipped VRML world

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