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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogging on App Engine: a blog application for App Engine: Arachnid/bloggart; source: GitHub

A simple, robust and scalable blogging system for App Engine.
Arachnid/bloggart - GitHub:

a blogging system:

  • Simple authoring. I personally don't want to juggle with WYSIWYG HTML editors in order to write blog posts - I prefer to enter markup directly. But at the same time, I don't intend to make all potential users conform to the same expectations - so we should be able to support rich text editors if they're desired.
  • Good isolation of code and markup. Users shouldn't have to understand the innards of our blogging software if all they want to do is change how the blog looks or is laid out.
  • RSS and Atom support. This should go without saying, these days.
  • PubSubHubbub support. Let's be all Web 2.0 and push out blog updates instantly.
  • Sitemap support, so we can get indexed faster and more thoroughly.
  • Tagging, and filtering based on tag.
  • Easily support new output formats. Adding a new output format shouldn't require rewriting the whole system, and all our existing output formats - Atom, Sitemaps, and so forth - ought to use the same system.
  • Extensible. Just because I didn't need a feature doesn't mean nobody does.
  • Easy import of posts from other blogging systems.
  • Multiple author support.
  • Scheduled posts.
  • Fast. Really, really fast.

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