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Sunday, July 10, 2011 — blogging made easy...
alexa 700 000 (data@july 2011)

With WebStory, the entire blogging experience work for you in just a few clicks:
  • back up all online entries to local computer with one click, including blog posts, pages and comments — no more worries that your blog is gone the next day when you wake up
  • write and save your blog post offline and edit it to your satisfaction before you publish it — no more loss of painstakingly written content after web browser refresh or crash
  • update your published post instantly at anytime for any changes that you desire, with just one click — no more hassle to search through and wait for the target post to appear before you could make any modification in your browser
  • powerful and intuitive WYSIWYG blog editor for instant text formatting — no HTML or CSS knowledge needed at all, even though you may still write your entire blog post in the powerful HTML editor
  • preview your blog post to check out every layout detail — no more “oops! I didn’t know it’s going to look that ugly with this layout…” pain after publishing your blog post
  • manage multiple blogs, microblogs and web albums simultaneously — save time for multiple sign-in and navigation on the web
  • automatically upload your blog photos to blog server storage, web albums or FTP servers — no more frustration for manual image uploading
  • synchronize multiple blogs with one click — share your brilliant post to multiple blogs and social networks easily
  • Twitter support — rant your thoughts happily and follow other great thinkers
  • web albums support like Flickr and Picasa for image hosting — share your photos with your family and friends
  • support for various blog servers and services, including blogspot.comtypepad.comwordpress.comand many others — no more hassle to get used to new blog editors and options of new blog server
  • protect your database with a secure password — safekeep contents that you really don’t want others to pry at
  • spell check and thesaurus support — spice up your writing style to impress

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