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Friday, July 15, 2011 - Share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS launched in June 2010 and in less than a year it has surpassed 10,000 registered users, more than 18,000 codes submitted.

Signing up is super fast, you only need to decide your name:
Account: google, facebook, twitter, yahoo openId.

3 choices:
  • use JavaScript editor(default)
  • use JavaScript New editor (beta)
  • use HTML textarea editor shares JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.
Our site is engagement-driven. We offer both, vivid environment for developers to showcase their trendy works on JavaScript and HTML5, as well as community to share their codes and learn from each other. That's why we call our communtiy 'a coding avenue'.

Browser-based editor: is a handy place to keep your codes, just like GitHub. The difference is, our platform is more oriented to visual works, leveraging the power of JavaScript, HTML5 and modern browser technologies.

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