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Friday, June 17, 2011

Embedding Data (digital watermarking) in Digital Images with matlab; download

Download All Files  5.842 MB

Background Lecture:Background Lecture (1.41 MB)
Student Project Assignment:Student Project Assignment (26.115 KB)
Faculty Project Description:Faculty Project Description (328.5 KB)
Project Report Solution:Project Report Solution (937.785 KB)
Summary Lecture:Summary Lecture (3.342 MB)
Additional Project Materials:data_embedding_LSB.m (3.213 KB)
Additional Project Materials:data_embedding_SWS.m (4.504 KB)
Additional Project Materials:data_extraction_LSB.m (1.804 KB)
Additional Project Materials:data_extraction_SWS.m (2.44 KB)
Additional Project Materials:noise_generator.m (872 Bytes)

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