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Friday, June 17, 2011

MAKE YOUR OWN "Facebook APPLICATION" (FBML) or a J-Query Widget

-------------------------------two ex-amples :

1) Generate your Facebook App ID.
use FBML, Facebook Markup Language, is considered to be Facebook's own version of HTML. While many of the tags of HTML can be used in FBML, there are also important tags that cannot be used use such as HTML, HEAD and BODY. Also, Javascript cannot be used with FBML.

According to Facebook Markup Language Developer's page, FBML is now deprecated. No new features will be added to FBML and developers are recommended to develop new applications utilizing HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

(Rem. in french: En abandonnant le langage propriétaire FBML, Facebook donne plus de liberté de programmation aux administrateurs des "pages"...

2) Blogger "Follow Us" J-Query Widget:

Facebook also allows you to create your own applications and distribute them. The startup costs for developers are extremely low, and the potential is high.

To start add the developer application to your Facebook account. Then download the client library of your choice, open your favorite development environment, and you're ready to go.

After you've added the Developer Application and downloaded a client library, use these resources to learn more about building a Facebook application.

  • Platform Documentation

  • Anatomy of a Facebook App

  • Code Samples

  • Step-by-step Guide to Creating an Application
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