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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Internet Traffic Estimate for 2015: 1 ZB/year. What is ZettaByte?

Global Internet Traffic Estimate for 2015: 1 ZB/year. This Traffic Expected to Quadruple by 2015. Approximately 3 billion people will on the internet, which equates to approximately 40% of the global population. According to the annual survey of the global digital output by International Data Corporation, the total amount of global data was expected to pass 1.2 zettabytes sometime during 2010.
1 ZettaByte= 10^21 bytes = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes
This estimation is not new (january 2008): a "zettaflood" of bytes in U.S. Internet traffic by 2015.
Read more (data@ feb 2011; University of Southern California):
From 1986 to 2007, the period of time examined in the study, worldwide computing capacity grew 58% a year, 10 times faster than the United States’ gross domestic product. Telecommunications grew 28% annually and storage capacity grew 23% a year.
Mashable writes (dat @ june 2011):
Internet traffic is projected to approach 1 zettabyte per year in 2015 — that’s equivalent of all the digital data in existence in 2010. Regionally speaking, traffic is expected to more than double in the Middle East and Africa and  Latin America where there will be an average of 1-2 devices per person.
The rest of the world will experience more moderate growth in terms of traffic, but the number of devices per person is forecast to increase significantly. By 2015, there will be an average of 5.8 devices per person in North America and 4.4 in western Europe.
Somewhat surprisingly, it is neither mobile phones nor tablets that are expected to grow the most in the next four years. Rather, flat panel televisions will experience the greatest production increase globally, up 1000% (X10) from 2010, followed by tablets (750%), digital photo frames (600%) and e-readers (600%). The number of non-smartphones and smartphones is expected to increase by 17% and 200% worldwide, respectively.”
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