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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Google feedBurner has many real-time web2.0 "publicize" services (very interesting with blogger, blogspot, wordpress, any blog)

  • You can directly publish a headline animator (see  Customize by drag and drop an animated banner that cycles through your feed's five most recent items. It's an easy way to promote your content anywhere you can place a snippet of HTML.
    step 1:
    step 2: select publicize and headline animator item
  • Connect your feed to the real-time social web! With Socialize, FeedBurner will automatically post updates from your feed to your social media account.
    step 1:
    step 2: select publicize and socialize item
  • Promote your FeedBurner feed directly on your website. Place HTML that Chicklet Chooser automatically generates for you in your site templates to help users easily subscribe to your feed.
    step 1:
    step 2: select publicize and "Chicklet Chooser" item.
Item Limit
As your feed updates throughout the day, FeedBurner picks up your feed and looks for new items. The Socialize service will detect these new items and post up to 5 of them to twitter at a time. Note that the speed with which feed updates can get to FeedBurner will affect this service. To ensure your feed updates in near real time, make sure you ping us immediately after your feed updates and that your blog platform is configured to use PubSubHubub. If none of these options are used for making your feed near real time, the Socialize service will look for and update with any new feed items every 30 minutes.

How do I make sure updates to my feed are delivered to feed readers as fast as possible?
This encourages users to engage in more active participation online and makes the web more dynamic than ever before. 
Since July 10, 2009, feedBurner has used  PubSubHubbub protocol ( The protocol can be used to transform any existing Atom and RSS feed on the web into a real-time stream. Best of all, it's open, free, and decentralized like the rest of what makes the web so great. As of right now, burned feeds with the PingShot service enabled are automatically enhanced with the PubSubHubbub protocol. We'll add the required discovery elements to these feeds and notify a Google-run Hub, running on App Engine, of publish events. We also convert any pings we receive into 'Hubbub events. That means for many of our publishers out there, your existing feeds are available as real-time streams right now.

  • From, visit the Publicize tab for your feed. step 1: 2: select PingShot, and click the "Activate" button at the bottom of the page.
From your AdSense account, go to Manage Ads, then click View Feed Stats link, and do the same thing. That's it.

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