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Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Import Your Blog Into Facebook, blogspot, blogger; Comment importer son blog vers facebook? openID and online social networking service

How to Import Your Blog Into Facebook (by RSS).
Publicize Posts to Social Networks.
Automatically Add Blog Posts to Your Facebook Fan Page Wall.

If you want to eliminate the need for you to “re-blog” stories/post on Facebook, there are lots of apps (or plugin) that make it very easy to publish blog content to your Facebook personal wall, but we are much more interested in publishing new blog posts to our Fan Pages.

There are 2 ways:
A) by
(Notes is one of the native Facebook apps)

If in the past you posted your blog updates on your Facebook wall with the link, it is important to know that Facebook changed the way the "share link" works so if you just try to post the url as a link on your wall, you will only get the images, nothing fun.
If you  use the import function on the notes, you can also post your blog, but realize that Facebook is a terrible liar and they do not ever update your feed.

stop this import, just click on "stop importing"

B) by a facebook application (i select 2: "mirror blog" and "RSS Graffiti"
--->"mirror Blog":
Here are a 2 ways with a few steps an one application ( search the application "mirror Blog")  to increase your web presence by leveraging the power of the social networking service:
1) Importing your Blog (, blogger, blogspot) into Facebook
2) importing your blog by feed (RSS / ATOM) (for the other blog platform) an universal way to get your blog to Facebook.

For, use the cool "" application.
Search this apps directly in facebook:

If you want to remove an application, select the menu "apps" and follow these 3 steps/

You can also use RSS with "mirror blog":
 your blog feed (RSS)  is like:
(if you don't use google feeburner,
it is:
see below settings/"site feed" to get your adress:

aand after, this window:

-->"RSS graffiti"

RSS Graffiti periodically checks the RSS/Atom feeds that you specify and posts any new entries it finds to the Facebook Walls that you specify.
You can get any feed written on any wall (Facebook Profiles, Fan Pages, Groups, Events and Application Profile Pages).

Comment importer votre blog dans facebook.
Comment lier son blog avec son facebook.
Si certains d'entre vous veulent que leurs amis Facebook soient au courant de chaque news, billets ou actualités de votre blog, justement, Facebook vous permet d’importer vos billets dans votre compte via:

Dans le champ URL, tapez le nom de votre blog (ou collez l’adresse du flux RSS de votre blog). Il ne vous manque plus qu'a cliquer sur "Démarrer l’importation"
Attendez un moments et cliquer sur "Confirmer l’importation."
Le flux sera vérifié toutes les deux heures et les nouveaux billets seront automatiquement ajoutés dans vos articles Facebook.

There is a trend for more interoperability between social networks led by technologies such as OpenID and OpenSocial.
You can find more information about OpenID and how it works at
Surprise! You may already have an OpenID. Several large organizations either issue or accept OpenIDs, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft, AOL, MySpace, Sears, Universal Music Group, France Telecom, Novell, Sun, and many more.

From google, you already have 2 OpenID (try :

1) Your Google Account (you have an account if you  use “Sign in with a Google Account” button).

2) Your blog URL: “”


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