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Friday, June 10, 2011

Example; exemple; share directory, upload and store files, FTP,

Why Choose ADrive?
  •  free 50GB
  •  the ADrive web interface is very clear (but only in english; it takes 65MB)( if you have money for this service: ADrive Desktop for Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • max 2GB per-file size
  • unlimited bandwidth
  •  Upload & Store Files
  •  File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Access
  •  Access Files Anywhere
  •  Share Files
  •  Edit Documents Online
  •  Remote File Transfer
Pourquoi choisir ADrive?

  • 50Go d'espace gratuitement
  • l'interface web est claire (voir la photo ci-dessous) mais avec une seule langue (englais)
  • 2Go est la taille max d'un fichier. Ce qui est très bien voir le comparatif.
  • bande passante illimité
  • téléchargement des fichiers
  • FTP
  • accès mondial
  • édition des documents en ligne directement

Upon successfully signing in (by just a valid email), 
you will be directed to the ADrive File Manager page:
Après avoir créer un compte
vous êtes dirigé directement vers la page de gestion des fichiers
qui est qu'en anglais mais c'est compréhensible:

The File Manager allows you to view your files, copy/move files to different directories, view your directories, create new directories, manage your public files, view your File History and a number of other tasks.  It also provides links to your Account Settings, Desktop Tools and Tutorials, and other file transfer tools including web upload and download. 

From the Transfer Remote File page you can enter the web address of a file and ADrive will transfer the file directly to your ADrive account.  Simply enter the address and then click Retrieve. 

To upload files, either click Add and select a file or drag and drop a selected file or directory into the box to add it to your upload list.  Click Upload to start the transfer. 

Edit in Zoho:  Uses the Zoho Editor to edit supported documents.  You can use this to edit word processing documents and spreadsheets online. You can open, edit, and save your documents instantly all from your ADrive account. You don’t need to save files to your computer, make the changes, and then re-upload your revised files to ADrive. 
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