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Monday, June 6, 2011

list of Online Spreadsheets

List of Online Spreadsheets

Liste de tableur en ligne

Free Software:

Logiciel gratuit:

  • Simple Spreadsheet: Free and open source. Simple Groupware is a groupware package written inPHP. It uses the MySQL database. It contains a calendar system, an email client, an inventory system, and a number of other features. Simple Groupware is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License. The software contains about 30,000 lines of code and uses about 150,000 lines of code from other free projects.The first release was published on December 13, 2004 at Sourceforge.
  • ZK Spreadsheet - Free, open source, AJAX Java.
  • wikiCalc (now called SocialCalc) - Free, download application for online use. It is currently released as version 1.0 for use on Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, and other platforms that can run the Perl language.
  • Sheetster: is a GPL Open Source Web Spreadsheet and a Java Application Server. Sheetster runs on the ExtenXLS Java (programming language) Spreadsheet SDK 
  • Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware includes a spreadsheet. Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, originally and more commonly known as TikiWiki or simply Tiki, is a free and open source wiki-based, content management system and Online office suite written primarily in PHP and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) license. In addition to enabling websites and portals on the internet and on intranets and extranets, Tiki contains a number of collaboration features allowing it to operate as a Geospatial Content Management System (GeoCMS) or Groupware web application.
    An extremely large (more than 1,000,000 lines) codebase.
    Le cœur de l'application est constitué par un wiki, mais Tiki propose diverses fonctionnalités supplémentaires: calendrier, moteur de sondages, forum, blog, moteur de newsletter. Il recourt également à MapServer pour permettre la génération de cartes.Tiki donne aux utilisateurs le choix entre différents thèmes visuels appliqués à leur compte. Ces thèmes qui peuvent reposer sur le moteur de gabarits Smarty peuvent être modifiés ou créés et ajoutés à ceux existants
    Tiki est un projet internationalisé. La langue par défaut de l'interface est l'anglais (mais aussi 10 langues différentes).Le projet est mené par environ 350 développeurs et traducteurs. Une version en support à long-terme (LTS) est également maintenue (version 3.5 en mars 2010).
    voir la listes des sites qui l'utilise par exemple l'help de firefox:
  • GelSheet - Open-source, Ajax. 
  • jQuery.sheet - Open-source, JavaScript. 
  • EditGrid - Free for both personal and commercial use. In September 2008, EditGrid launched its JavaScript Macro support, enabling user-programmed macros to manipulate EditGrid spreadsheets using JavaScrip. EditGrid is available as a module on Netvibes, Pageflakes and Google Personalized Homepage. EditGrid is also available on's AppExchange platform. EditGrid is developed on an open-source software architecture. It runs on Catalyst as the web application framework and uses Gnumeric as its back-end support. It adopts Ajax technology at the front-end.
    In addition to the default English version, EditGrid is available in eight languages: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, largely thanks to a community localisation project.
  • Expresso spreadsheet - Free edition. eXpresso does not offer a generic or browser-based spreadsheet. It is specifically and exclusively designed to support Excel spreadsheets.Excel users can optionally download and install an add-in called eXpresso Add-In for Excel. This add-in allows to upload, open and edit eXpresso spreadsheets from Excel. Further the add-in allows spreadsheets to be taken offline to perform work on it independent of an Internet connection.
  • Google Docs . well known!!!
  • Office Web Apps - a web-based version of Microsoft Office  
  • ZCubes - Calci - Free.ZCubes is free web-based software that is intended for the creation of documents including web pages, web sites, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, albums, and portals. The unique aspect of the software can be seen as provision of functionality using the client browser itself using Javascript, rather than interacting heavily (through AJAX) with the server to achieve different functions.
    When launched it initially only ran on Internet Explorer, while the basic version now supports Firefox. ZCubes stores its output in HTML/VML format. 
    The editor supports creation of documents, presentations and drawings online and spreadsheets. However, the difference can be noted to be the mixing of slides, drawings, document pieces, pictures, music and videos (each as separate ZCubes), all in one page (which is named "ZSpace").
    There is an online calculation engine called Calci provided within the software. It supports most of the mathematical, statistical and financial functions provided by spreadsheet applications and can support almost a thousand calculations.
    Recent versions of ZCubes (2007) are known to be enabled for Semantic Web, with all resources described with RDF, FOAF...
  • Zoho Office Suite - well known!!!
  • Smartsheet - Free trial. Smartsheet is an online project management and crowdsourcing tool. It allows owners of information to comprehensively involve contributors through authenticated access.
  • Num Sum - Free.

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