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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Example; exemple; HTML5 , sharing, upload, post on wordpress, on blogger provides a secure, easy way for businesses to manage content, share large files and collaborate online from anywhere. 
History, API...:
Ce site permet la gestion en ligne  de nombreux formats de fichiers et de grandes tailles.

If your browser supports HTML5 (like Firefox 3.6+ and Google Chrome) you can drag and drop files from your desktop onto the browser window.
Si votre navigateur supporte HTML5 (firefox 3.6+ ou Chrome), vous pouvez glissez/deposez vos fichiers directement dans la fenêtre du navigateur. is One of the Best online content management (very good for posting on your blog). est l'un des meilleurs gestionnaires de téléchargement et de stockage, notamment pour publier/partager sur votre blog.

STEP 0: create a new folder

STEP 1: a new folder
STEP 2: invite collaborators

STEP 3: Add an application
---------------------after this install:
 You have many applications:
 2 applications for wordpress
 Post in blogger, in wordpres, in liveJournal:

 Some screenshots:

 embed code (format flash: swf)

If you have a blog (you cannot post HTML with javascrip, or MP3...), you have to use
Si vous avez un blog, utilisez et vous pourrez publier l'accès à tous les types de fichiers par exemple MP3.
With these services, you can get your own Personal Cloud:
File sync and online backup for all your devices 
(including PC, Mac,  iPad, Android,iPhone, etc...) (free oline storage: 5GB)
Some's competitors (but you must download a desktop client):
  • Dropbox (2GB)
     two choices:
    1) Download an application and install it on your computer,
        i.e. for mac, a .dmg; (30MB);
    2) Users may also upload files manually through a web browser.
  • MS Sharepoint, (a part of Microsoft Exchange Online; 25GB but with few formats of file)
  • Sugarsync (5GB),
  • Adrive (50GB)
  • Ubuntu One (2GB; only linux), 
  • Mozy (EMC©, windows, mac, 2GB), 
  • ZumoDrive (2GB), 
  • SpiderOak (windows, mac,linux,2GB),
  • Wuala(LaCie©, 1GB)
if you want more details see:

For example, SpiderOak or Wuala... use client-side encryption key creation and encrypted cloud storage.
Employees of SpiderOak or Wuala... cannot access users' information :
this is the "zero-knowledge" data encryption.

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