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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Atlas mouse and software

A variety of 2D data is presented by a number of world
wide web sites: the High Resolution Mouse Brain Atlas
(, the Edin-
burgh Mouse Atlas Project (,
and the Mouse Brain Library (Rosen et al., 2003)

Software packages are available for visualizationof different data modalities and brain alignment

(the Neuroterrain project, URL:

and some with an aim toward being three-dimensional atlases (Toga et al., 1995).
The work of the Informatics Center of the Mouse Neu-
rogenetics ( includes a compre-
hensive library of Nissl-stained images of brains of over
100 strains of mice and a set of software tools for two-
and three-dimensional visualization and reconstruction
of different brain regions of interest.

Additionally, the
Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project has made a significant
effort to create a gene expression database (Ringwald
et al., 1994) based upon the Atlas of Mouse Development
(Kaufman, 1992).

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