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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

free software MRIcro

MRIcro allows Windows and Linux computers view medical images. It is a standalone program, but includes tools to complement SPM (software that allows neuroimagers to analyse MRI, fMRI and PET images). MRIcro allows efficient viewing and exporting of brain images. In addition, it allows neuropsychologists to identify regions of interest (ROIs, e.g. lesions). MRIcro can create Analyze format headers for exporting brain images to other platforms.

  • Converts medical images to SPM friendly Analyze format.
  • View Analyze format images (big or little endian).
  • Create Analyze format headers (big or little endian).
  • Create 3D regions of interest (with computed volume & intensity).
  • Overlap multiple regions of interest.
  • Rotate images to match SPM template images.
  • Export images to BMP, JPEG, PNG or TIF format.
  • Yoked images: linked viewing of multiple images (e.g. view same coordinates of PET and MRI scans).

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