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Friday, May 23, 2008



May 31, 2005

The version 1.4 is released. XCrySDen has been ported to MAC OSX (thanks to Mike Ford) and Windows. The former needs X11, while the latter the CYGWIN environment.
  • multi-band display of Fermi surfaces in one widget (read more)
  • visualization of vector-fields with arrows (read more)
  • added support for PWscf v2.1 and later (read more)
  • added support for CRYSTAL03
  • more configurable options for the display of force arrows (color, thickness, aspect) (read more)
  • the color of the "Coordinate system" is configurable (read more)
  • automatic labeling of k-points for k-path selection (thanks to Peter Blaha) (read more)
  • Stereo display mode (thanks to Gerardo Ballabio)
  • Anaglyph display mode, i.e. fake stereo, requires red-blue glasses (thanks to Eric Verfaillie)
  • improved EPS printing (also PDF printing) thanks to new gl2ps-1.2.4. The vectorial EPS printing of Lighting-On display mode is finally good enough.
  • comments added to the XSF format; comment-lines start with the "#" ( read more)
  • dummy "X" (atomic number 0) atoms do not have bonds anymore
  • updated Documentation

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