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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

free software Fusion Viewer

Fusion Viewer is designed to allows researchers to easily examine multiple 3D data sets (ex. MRI, CT, SPECT, PET) simultaneously.  Its main purpose is to provide a way to fuse multiple data sets so that they can be viewed as a single volume.  Fusion Viewer displays the source data sets as three easily navigable orthogonal views through a volume, as a stack of 2D images, or as a 3D projection.  Each volume is displayed in its own window so that you can arrange the volumes in the way that is most convenient for your work.  Standard view controls such as intensity, resizing, and the application of LUT are provided.  Multiple advanced dynamic range options for converting 16-bit data sets to 8-bits exist.  Different fusion techniques and different projection techniques are implemented as plug-ins.  Fusion Viewer is Freeware

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